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Forget all the others, go here for everything!

Van and truck, 4 Wheel Drive and related gear stuff: for a look at professional 4x4 van conversions

Check Out Chuck's 73-87Chevy  Truck Pages
Truck Pages.Loads of tech info.Good Links Page"
There is no better place for info on locking and limited slip differentials
Also, A FAQ-style document on drive train systems: AWD, 4WD and Full Time 4WD
Land Cruisers, frame galvanizing and much more... a little more diff stuff
This is Jon's onboard air compressor page, you should see all the stuff he has geared up!
His on board welder looks like a great project too. More onboard compressor stuff
Wow, now this is the van I really want! Great Austrailian 4x4 website.
Winter driving at its worst, Antarctic style

Hummers? Axles! Great details!
for a look at Dan's Unimog Page
Gear ratio and tire calculators, good stuff
4-Wheeling Adventures.
Good advice for remote travel.

ROCKCRAWLER so-so, Jeep stuff

Ford truck stuff!

Bronco stuff

Helm's for service manuals. on board welder and air compessor

Dana 44 front axle rebuild

Great Off-road site!

Parts for old Ford trucks for good transmission info

Tom has done a few vans:

Some guys don't need 4wd!

These guys will rent you a 4wd van in western Canada:
http: //
Have a look at WARNING AWD Aerostar
More gear grinding 4 by 4 action...


4wd action van! Toy stuff but good!

Ford Galaxy 4x4, we don't get all the good stuff in North America

Diesel and other motor stuff:
The best diesel info
The best Ford diesel sight I have found. Complaints of coolant loss due to cavitation in ford diesels

Diesel Injetion Service (
$285.00us for a 6.9/7.3 rebuilt injection pump

Area Diesel Service, Inc. (
rebuilt injection pumps with a lifetime warranty

in Canada...
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil My favourite penetrating oil

Gale Banks Engineering at

Hyper Max Engineering at

Check this site out for up to date diesel prices by state.

Ford in general and Crown Victoria stuff:

Mike's FORD FAN AREA Includes Clevor info and links Tell Ford what you think!
Ford EEC code info
Air Flow Statistics for Ford Cleveland 4V, 2V and Aftermarket Heads.

The Ford V-8 Engine Workshop, Fantastic!

Ford truck info website

Misc Vehicle Stuff:
All about Michelin Canada

BF Goodrich Tire site Go to recalls.

Here's the Quaker State website URL: <>

info on Mobile AV-1 from the following source: <>

This page is worth reading just for the disclaimer, let alone all the great links!
Links to just about anything. Detomaso, like in Pantera
INDEX TO FUEL ECONOMY GUIDE alphabetical listing (by manufacturer) of vehicles
Canadian rim regs and more MVD stuff

Highway Loss Data Institute's website:

Highway Safety Stats

Institute for highway safety

Winches, Lots of info I wish... Like old Galaxies?

Nova Scotia Genealogy and History stuff:
Fantastic Nova Scotia History and Genealogy site. Recommended. Dana's Gaelic page.

Hey! My 20th High School reunion! now you know how old I am
Link to my old High School as well.
The Nova Scotia Genealogy Network Association
good, slow loading but lots of stuff all about Nova Scotia
ValleyWeb © WebCraft Designers Home of the Annapolis Valley

You can find Cyndi's List on
NFLD ferry schedules

Halifax County Site of the Nova Scotia GenWeb Project.

Harvie family history (windsor)

Four Nova Scotia Families

Dog stuff:
North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association Home Page
German Wirehaired Pointers
Dog owners guide, index
The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club (USA)

Shooting stuff:
Observations On A One-Way Street: The Canadian Firearms Control Debate. Wolfsinger's Den, Police links, Rifle scopes,Tactical Scopes,Military scopes,... Custom Gunsmith - Rob Turner's Glass Bed shop US Optics American Firearm Page - Index Page

David has a lot of great shooting, diesel and truck links

Military stuff:
Canadian Military College links page
USS Liberty /Israeli aircraft incident in 1967 Six Day War. Well done site.

The Last Nike Missile Site

Just plain interesting stuff:
translator, rough, but it works

FIRST AID KITS: Ford flathead V8 Rust help?

Commonly held belief about why the sky is blue is wrong. The real reason is Rayleigh Scattering. For explanations, see -- Short, sweet and to the point.
-- For kids, with a demonstration project. -- Very detailed scientific explanation.

How much do the big guys make?
Wild new security inventions, I mean wild...
Backyard Ballistics! Spud guns, pop bottle + hairspray rockets! Weird stuff.

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