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This page has GOT to change.

Over 10 years old, broken links, outdated information,

It is going to change to reflect my current, and former interests.

First of all, the old stuff:

Want a 4x4 with a little more room?
My Ford E350 15 passenger van that I built in the early 1990s.

How to take 15 of your closest friends anywhere!
Most questions can be answered with the Ford 4x4 van FAQ.
If you want to know how I made my van, look here for the technical details.
I have some info and lists on stuff like tire chains, First Aid kits,
stuff to carry when out in the boonies and camping gear "don't forget" lists.

Who is this guy?


I was a Reservist for many years, with the West Nova Scotia Regiment and The Nova Scotia Highlanders.

The Army Reserve took me many places and let me do many interesting things.

More links coming in the future...

For now, some life history:

And what is he doing with that rifle?

Click here to see what is going on in my life.

Other current Projects:

Parenting, 5 exceptional kids.

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KTM motor cycles.





Links (sense will be made of this in the future)


Co-parenting guide

Co-parenting guide page


High Conflict Personality Definitions




How and why a BPD controls those around their partner


The problem with BPD


Guide to stop walking on eggshells PDF

Buy it





Frank's Cummins powered Ramcharger.
My buddy Frank put a Cummings in a Ramcharger.

He fit it up to his stock NP435 transmission. Turns out this was not near stout enough of a transmission and he had to go to a big truck Clark.
As well I have got a Bronco for those really tight trails...
Want'a see it?
And a bunch of other vehicles...
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I am seriously looking to learn things from input to these webpages.
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4x4 Van Construction

4x4 Ford van Frequently Asked Questions

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Camping gear

First Aid Gear

Remote travel and off-road gear


Travels Page

Other Vehicles

The Service Rifle Shooting Page

Who is Steve Best?

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