Over weekend First Aid kit
for vehicle, boat, residence, camping.
Packed in a tight weatherproof container:

2 large sterile dressings 20cm x 19 cm
6 Always Thin Maxi pads individually packaged, $4.79/20 (use as "shell dressings" or for normal emergencies)
2 elastic adhesive pads 5cm x 11cm
2 adhesive dressings TELFA pad 5cm x 7.5 cm
12 adhesive strips 2.5cm x 7.5 cm (large Bandaids)
20 assrt'd Band-Aids, kids go through them like they are eating them $4.99/100
*1 sheet Moleskin

1 gauze self adhering 4" roller bandage 10cm x 4.5 m
1 6" elastic bandage $7.99 2 triangular bandages
12 safety pins
1 roll waterproof adhesive tape 2.5 cm x 4.6m
*gun-tape, (aka duct-tape, 100mph tape)

500ml saline IV bag for wound/eye irrigation
24 antiseptic cleansing towelettes (all are BZK, effective on rabies)
Bentadyn antiseptic or iodine tincture.
1 packet tissues also for toilet paper
*2pr latex rubber gloves, a sterile pair would be nice
*1 hotel soap bar in box
*towel (hand size) or cleaning rags or clothes like socks or T-shirt
*25 Q-Tips in plastic traveling box $3.49/400
*1 clean new toothbrush

20tab aspirin 325mg, 1-2tabs every 4hr, max 12/day, coated last better $7.99/500
10tab Tylenol 325mg 1-2tabs every 4hr, max 12/day $6.99/100
12tab pack Benadryl 25mg antihistamine 1-2tab 3-4 times daily $7.99/24
6cap Robitussin expectorant with DM cough suppressant, $
Fisherman's Friend throat lozenges, in tin box, the best $3.99/32
10tab or roll Tums antiacid, 500mg calcium carbonate $3.99/100
16tabs Kaopectate 300mg 4tabs, then 4 after BM. 6-12yrs 2tabs, 3-6yrs 1tab $5.26/16tab
polysporin ointment 30g, lubricant, burns, cuts, hemroidal, eye/ear infections $6.49
Tinactin topical fungicide, athlete's foot and jock itch etc. $8.19/15ml
1 bottle DEET "Deep Woods Off"
*10tab cascara laxative 325mg, 1 at night, $6.49/100
*poison treatment, charcoal, ipecac, metamucil?
*1 calamine with antihistamine lotion 100ml $4.69/100ml
*1 SPF45 sunscreen $13.98/120ml
*1 medicated chapstick $2.29
*Vicks, Eucalyptiment Menthol/eucalyptus ointment, topical analgesic, liniment

EMT shears for scissors tweezers
AA MagLite waterproof flashlight
butane pocket lighter $1.49 and/or weatherproof matches
Pocket knife (normally have one), Swiss Army "Camper" "Boy Scout" or leatherman?
hotel sewing kit, with some heavy and curved needles
*oral thermometer, "he feels like he has a fever" $3.59
*nail clippers, also pulls porcupine quills and fish hooks out $1.98
*1 single sided razor blade *unwaxed dental floss, 20yd, plus for heavy duty stitching $1.69/2
*Bic razor

Basic survival stuff
$25 in quarters and small bills
2 rescue blankets $2.45
1 brightly coloured emergency poncho $1.19
hard candy, mints, hard gums, gum (diabetics, hunger, stress relief)
Hexane heat tablets or firestarter tabs, heating, flares or start a fire
mosquito coils
small compass with whistle and thermometer
*string, snare wire, copper wire, or mechanics black iron wire etc
*Coffee packets, tea bags, OXO packets and sugared Kool-aid packets in a heat-proof cup
*smokes if you need them

*Water treatment,
*Javex, or 65% calcium hypoclorite to make it, 10tbsp/gal (dry, less bulky)
*small bottle Javex (5.25% solution) for disinfectant 1:10 dilution, for water purification
or use the iodine tincture or Bentadyn
2drops/qt for clear water, 4drops/qt for cloudy

packing list of contents
1 St. John Ambulance Pocket Guide (or better)
1 permanent black marker
1 sharpened pencil
1 notepad with important numbers, (phone, med, license, credit?)
*1 ballpoint pen

* indicates optional item

Actually we carry a bit more than this even , but this would be a darn good start for the average family.

Any suggestions? Contact me at sbest@glinx.com

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