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Minimum System Requirements
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Set-up Instructions


OpenISP™ allows you to connect to the WebTV Network™ Service using your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Glinx. You might be interested in OpenISP™ if you currently have to make a long distance call to access the WebTV Network™ (If you're not sure, go to Local Access to check) or if you already have an ISP for your home computer.
An ISP gives you access to the Internet through your phone line. You can choose an ISP to connect to the WebTV™ Network instead of using the access number WebTV Networks provides for you. No matter which you choose, you'll get the same great WebTV Network™ experience with OpenISP™-all that changes is how you connect.

Once online, please read our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which is located at this address: By familiarizing yourself with the AUP, you will become aware of acceptable and unacceptable activities. If you discover an unacceptable activity taking place, please report it to so that we may take appropriate action.

Before you begin the installation, you may find the following information helpful.

What is a username?
A username identifies you on our system. For example, when you dial up and connect to Glinx, your username is used so we know who to bill for the time on-line.

What is a password?
A password is a security code that you choose, to restrict access to your account. Your username and password must be verified, not only to allow you to connect to our modems, but also to prove ownership of the account.

Who needs to know my password?
No one needs to know your password, except you. Glinx only needs to know your password in order to set up your account. Any person who knows your password can accumulate hours on your account. This is why it is important to keep your password to yourself, just like your PIN on your bank card. It is very important that you remember what your password is, even if you do not need to enter it each time. Glinxwill not call you and ask you for your password, although if you call the Glinx office to change account information, we may ask for your password to confirm your identity. If you do not know your password, we will need to check other information to confirm your identity. You are encouraged to change your password often, for security reasons.

How do I change my password?
You can change it on-line at It is advisable to read the information about choosing a good, secure password, which is also on-line at

What is a local dial-up number?
It is the phone number you want your computer to dial to connect you to Glinx. You want to use a local dial-up number so you will not incur long-distance charges. You can find a list of dial-up numbers on-line at


WebTV-based Internet Receiver or Terminal.


All Departments Phone:
902 678 7080 or toll free in Nova Scotia 1 800 759 4422

Sales/General Inquiry E-mail:

Technical Support E-mail:

Billing E-mail:

For other contact information, please look on the web



This section describes how to set up your WebTV unit to dial-up and connect to Glinx™ to access your WebTV services.· Ensure the WebTV-based Internet Receiver or Terminal is turned OFF.

If you have a keyboard:

If you only have the remote:

A light will flicker on the front of the WebTV-based Internet Receiver or Terminal.

You will see a setup screen displayed.

This is your Glinx username not your WebTV username.

This is your Glinx password not your WebTV password.

This is not your own telephone number, it is a Glinx number in your local area. Please see the list of Dial-up Numbers on our web site at

This is another number to try if the first number is busy. Only enter this if there is another dial-up number which is not long distance from your telephone exchange.

This will save these settings.


Congratulations! You are now ready to get on your WebTV Network™ via Glinx.


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