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Here are some frequently asked questions about
changing your Glinx password.

Why change my password?
    A password is a secret code that allows you, and only you, to access your Glinx Internet account. Changing your password on a regular basis helps prevent unauthorized access to your account, as well as avoiding the charges for on-line time that you did not use.

What password am I allowed to use?
    You are allowed to use almost anything you like. However, because we at Glinx want to ensure that your password won't be easily guessed, we do require that you use the following guidelines when choosing a password:

  • Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.
  • Passwords should contain one or more numbers.
  • It cannot contain your user-name.
  • Don't use your spouse, child, or pet's name as these are easy to guess.
  • Don't use words that are in the dictionary.

I tried to change my password, but it said
"Password too simple". Why?
    Please see above, and try to choose a more complex password.

I tried to change my password, but it said
"Invalid username or password". Why?
    Either the user name or the old password you entered was incorrect. Remember:

  • Your username is the first part of your e-mail address.
  • Your username is always in lowercase letters.

What if someone else changes my password?

Who needs to know my password?

    No one needs to know your password, except you. Glinx only needs to know your password in order to set up your account. Any person who knows your password can accumulate hours on your account. This is why it is important to keep your password to yourself, just like your PIN on your bank card. It is very important that you remember what your password is, even if your software saves it and you do not need to enter it each time.

    Glinx will not call you and ask you for your password, although if you call the Glinx office to change account information, we may ask for your password to confirm your identity. If you do not know your password, we will need to check other information to confirm your identity. You are encouraged to change your password often, for security reasons. If you want members of your household to be able to access the Internet on your computer, please make use of the "Save Password;" feature in our software.

How long does it take to change my password?
    Once you have finished using the Tool to change your password, it takes approximately 15 minutes to become active on our system. During this 15 minutes, keep using your old password, until your computer tells you it is wrong. Then change to the new one in your dialer program and e-mail program.

Ok, I've changed my password with this Tool on-line, do I have to do anything else?
    Yes. You will have to enter the new password anywhere on your computer where the old password is currently entered. IE: Dial-up software, E-mail software.

I have more questions. Who do I call?

Change Password Tool
Password Change Tool

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