Glinx / Tallships provides Internet services and consulting to most of mainland Nova Scotia. From the Glinx website you can find some great links and services to help you keep informed of what's happening in Atlantic Canada.

Explore Nova Scotia and the world, with Glinx as your gateway...

This website is now available with IPv6

Call 902/365-3100 to get setup for ;
  • Unlimited Dialup Service only $26.95 per month
    Certain conditions apply

    Or click below to fill in the high-speed availbility check
  • High Speed Internet starting @ $49.95 per month

    Nova Scotia Traffic Cameras

    Current Date:
    Friday, November 21st, 2014
    Current Time:
    4:05pm AST
    Current Weather:

  • Notice to all Dialup users:

    Begininng August 23rd, Nova Scotia & P.E.I. will have two area codes. To avoid a disruption in service, you should immediately prefix the 902 area code to your dialup connection. This should be done as soon as possible. Beginning Nov. 16 the area code will be mandatory and you will not be able to use your dialup connection unless this change is made.

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