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Here are some frequently asked questions about...
our upgraded software packages.

    Glinx has upgraded our software packages for all three versions of Windows. Our main concern is for Windows 95/98 users, although there is an update available for Windows3.1x.

    There is no upgrade available for Macintosh OS 7.x users at this time, but we have created a setup guide for Mac OS 8.x users. As OS 8.x comes with all the software you need already built into the operating system, you do not need to install any Glinx software. The guide will help you set up the existing software for your Glinx Internet account.

    Mac users who have upgraded from OS 7.x to OS 8.x, and have installed their OS 7.x software, will be pleased to know that the most recent revision of our Mac software has been tested and works well on the OS 8.x.

How can I tell if I have the most current revision of the Glinx software?

    If you still have the disks from which you originally installed your Glinx software, check the disk label. They should have a revision number on them. These are the latest revisions for each operating system:

    Windows 3.1 revision 3.0
    Windows 95 revision 3.1
    Windows 98 revision 3.0
    Mac OS System 7.1 and up revision 2.5

    If your disk label says anything else, you have outdated software.

    Make sure that the software package you have installed is the one that was intended for the operating system on your computer. For example, if you have Windows 98 on your computer, you should have the Windows 98 package.

    If you do not have the disks you originally installed from, or if you are not sure which version of Windows you have on your computer, please call Technical Support for assistance.

I do not have the most current software package. Do I need to upgrade?
    Yes, you do need to upgrade your dialer software at least. The Internet dialer, which dials up and connects you to Glinx, should be kept current at all times. We release updates so that your system will have the most current settings. This will provide the best connection to us, and correct any problems with older software or older settings.

What is the difference between the older revisions and the new one?
    The dialer programs, and settings in the e-mail program and browser program have been updated. We have also redesigned the installation guide to make it easier to understand. New sections include information about troubleshooting problems, and a glossary of common Internet terms.

    In the Windows 3.1x package, we have switched to a new dialer program and have also stopped distributing mIRC, WS-FTP, and Telnet. The new Glinx Starter Kit for Windows 3.1x only installs the Internet Dialer, Eudora Light for e-mail, and Netscape Navigator for web browsing and news.

    In the Windows 95 package, we have made some improvements to the dialer program, and have also stopped distributing mIRC, WS-FTP, and Telnet. The new Glinx Starter Kit for Windows 95 only installs Connection Manager, Eudora Light for e-mail, and Netscape Navigator for web browsing and news.

    The Windows 98 package is a single disk that only installs Connection Manager. This package will also configure Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, which come built into Windows 98, for your Glinx account.

    The Mac OS 7.x package, which the most current, does have a few older settings. It only takes a few minutes to check these settings, so please feel free to call Technical Support if you would like to make sure the settings you have now are up-to-date.

    The Mac OS 8.x setup guide contains all current settings.

How do I get the new software package?
    You can download the software from our software page. Or, if you cannot get connected to the Internet, call Glinx and we will send you a new set of installation disks. Once you have received the software in one form or another, install the software, following the instructions in the installation guide. A hard copy of this guide is distributed with the disks, and a file containing the guide is distributed with the installation file you can download from our site.

How can I make sure this new software does not cause any problems with the Internet programs I already have installed?
    All our software packages allow you to choose between a full install or a custom install. By choosing to do a custom install, and then selecting to install only the Internet dialer, no other programs will be installed, and no existing programs should be affected by this change in the dial-up software.

    If you are currently running Eudora Light and Netscape that were distributed in our previous software packages, and you perform a full installation, a new version of those programs may be installed, overwriting the existing programs. This would cause the loss of such things as signatures, mail messages, filters, nicknames/address books, and bookmarks. Again, to ensure all your other programs run smoothly, we recommend a custom install.

I have more questions. Who do I call?

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