How to set up a PalmOS Device for Glinx

Issue: Setting up your PalmOS to dial up and connect to Glinx. Document: 00025
Created: Dec 01, 2001
Applies to: PalmOS Devices (Handspring Visor, Palm) Modified: Dec 01, 2001

Setting up your PalmOS device for use with Glinx is simple. Go through this setup assistant. Please be aware that some screens may be displayed slightly differently, depending on which OS version you are running. If the display on your screen asks for different information than the picture in this guide, skip ahead to the next picture in the guide until you find the information your system requires.

PLEASE NOTE: You will require a modem for your PalmOS device, such as those available for Handspring and Palm devices




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  • Replace all occurrences of myusername with your username. When you signed up with your local Glinx agent, you chose a username that would be the first part of you email address.

Tap the "Preferences Icon", usually located in the "System" catagory of your PalmOS device.

Within the "Preferences" program, select "Network" from the drop-down menu, as shown here:

Select the Network menu

Tap the "Menu" icon in the Grafitti area, and select "New" from the "Service" menu as shown:

Select New

Enter the correct information in the fields provided. Call the Service "Glinx", and enter your username and password. After entering this information, tap the "Connection" menu and select "Standard Modem" from the list of available connections.

Select Standard Modem

It will now advise you to "Tap to enter phone". Tap that area:

Tap to enter phone

You may now enter the phone number to dial to connect to Glinx. Please see our Dialup Numbers page to find a phone number local to you.

Enter Dialup Number



You are now prepared to connect to Glinx with your PalmOS device. PalmOS Internet applications will automatically dialup for you, but you may also tap the "Connect" button on the network screen.


More Information

A wealth of Information can be found at and/or

Both Handspring and Palm have a wealth of technical data available.

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