To change Dialup number on a Windows 3.x system using Connection to Glinx.
Issue: To change Dialup number Document: 00021
Created: Jun 27, 00
Applies to: Windows 3.x system using Connection to Glinx. Modified: Jun 27, 00

This article gives instructions about how to change the dial-up number used to connect to the Internet through Glinx, using Connection to Glinx on a Windows 3.x system.


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1 Changing the Dial-up Number

Double-click on the "Connection to Glinx" icon in your Glinx program group. It will open up the dialer program.

Glinx icon

On the main window, you will see an entry "Number to Dial".

Connection main screen

Delete the old Glinx dialup number and type in the new one.

Click on the "Dial" button along the bottom to connect to the Internet and save the changed setting.


Your computer will now use the new dial-up number to connect to the Internet.

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