Removing the HAPPY.EXE e-mail worm
- Windows 95/98
Issue: Removing the HAPPY.EXE e-mail worm Document: 00014
Created: Mar 26, 99
Applies to: Windows 95/98 Modified: Mar 21, 00

A worm is a type of virus. Users spreading this virus are generally unaware of it until they receive complaints from the people they've sent it to. It modifies wsock32.dll. It has no terrible consequences at this point, other than replacing all outgoing e-mail with an attached copy of itself. As with any virus, it should be removed.

For more information about viruses and worms, check out the Virus FAQ on our FAQ Section.



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1 Removing the HAPPY.EXE e-mail worm.

First, get to a DOS prompt. In Windows 95/98, click on your "Start" button, choose "Programs" and under "Programs" click on "MS-DOS Prompt".

The DOS prompt will look something like this: C:\WINDOWS>

Once you see the DOS prompt, type cd c:\windows\system and press the "ENTER" or "RETURN" key.

The prompt will change.

Then, type attrib -h wsock32.dll and press the "ENTER" or "RETURN" key.

Then, type attrib -r wsock32.dll and press the "ENTER" or "RETURN" key.

These two commands change the file attributes belonging to the file wsock32.dll.

Then, type copy wsock32.ska wsock32.dll and press the "ENTER" or "RETURN" key.

This command copies the file "wsock32.ska" to a new file called wsock32.dll.

Then, type del ska.dll and press the "ENTER" or "RETURN" key.

Then, type del ska.exe and press the "ENTER" or "RETURN" key.

These last two commands remove the virus's files from your computer.

Another way to remove this worm is by using an anti-virus program such as F-PROT, Norton AntiVirus, or McAfee VirusScan.

If you currently have a different anti-virus program running on your system, you should check its virus list to make sure your program protects against this virus. If it does not, you may wish to visit the website of your program's manufacturer andsee if they have an upgrade available. This virus is know by the following names:

  • W32
  • Ska
  • Happy99.exe
  • Happy99
  • Happy99.Worm
  • Trojan.Happy99
  • I-Worm.Happy


The virus/worm will be removed from your computer. Everything should work normally.

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If this procedure does not resolve the issue, try running a up-to-date anti-virus program in order to remove the worm.

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