Determine your version of Windows 95 or 98

Issue: You may need to find out what exact version of Windows 95 or Windows 98 you have. This is how. Document:   000011
Created: Dec 2, 98
Applies to: Windows 95/98 Modified: Nov 23, 00

Microsoft released four versions of Windows 95, and later 2 versions of Windows 98, fixing things along the way. For example, earlier production versions of Windows 95 do not handle multiple DNS numbers very well, where later ones did, increasing the functionality of Windows Dial-up Networking. Follow these procedures to accurately determine your "sub-version" of Windows 95 or 98.



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Determine your Windows 95/98 sub-version.

Right-click on the "My Computer" icon.

Choose "Properties" from the menu that appears.

This will open up the "System Properties" window.

On this screen you will see "System:" Below that, and indented is "Microsoft Windows 95" or "Microsoft Windows 98"

The next line contains the version number.

  • 4.00.950 The original Windows 95 upgrade from Windows 3.1.
  • 4.00.950 a This is Version "a"; the stand-alone OS version pre-installed with most computers.
  • 4.00.950 B This is Version "B", the release with IE 3.0 and Internet Mail.
  • 4.00.950 C This is Version "C", which was released shortly before Windows 98, with IE 4 and Outlook Express.
  • 4.10.1998 The first release of Windows 98.
  • 4.10.2222A The second release of Windows 98.

Close the "System Properties" window by clicking "Cancel".


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