This question from David:
"Got a question for you. Have you ever seen a 4x4 van like this.
When I was in Valdeze Alaska a few years ago getting gas in the Van a man in his late 50's struck up a conversation with me. He too was driving a van, it was a Chevy and was standard height off the ground. After a while he told me his rig was also a 4x4 and asked if I wanted to look under it. I bent over and saw one differential on the drivers side and figured it was some type of a swap using ford parts. Then I glanced over to the passenger side and guess what I saw there....another differential. It was wild. The transfer case had THREE drive shafts, one to the rear and two to the front. It was an independent suspension up front with no axle to get in the way of the engine. He said it was a special project built by DANA and was called a "Vee Torque" (it may have been called a "Y" drive and not a "V" drive, it was a while ago) they built about 50 of them in the 70's putting some on passenger station wagons. It was a full time system and he said it was great in the snow."

Anyone got any answers to this one? Write in and share it with us.

A "V" drive van in Iceland thanks to Kristján Einarsson
Front passenger side from rear. (no xfer case)
Front passenger side from front. Note the one sided "differential", thanks Kristján, more to come...