Correcting CTL3D32.DLL Error
Issue: Correcting CTL3D32.DLL Error Document: 00016
Created: Sep 13, 99
Applies to: Windows 95 and 98 Modified: Sep 13, 99

This article gives instructions about how to identify and resolve a version conflict with the file CTL3D32.DLL.


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1 Identifying the Error

If you encounter the following error when opening an application, then you have a version conflict:

This application uses 
	CTL3D32.DLL, which is not the correct version.  This version of CTL3D32.DLL is designed 
	only for Windows NT systems.

A program that has been installed on your computer has overwritten the correct version of this file with the Windows NT version, and it is now causing a conflict. You will need to download and install the correct version for your operating system in order to resolve this issue.

2 Download the file

Click below to begin the download:

for Windows 95 (33K) for Windows 98 (43K)

Save the file.

You will see a window which asks you where to store the file, like one of these:

Windows Save file 
	dialog box

The box labelled "Save In", should contain "Desktop". If it does not, click on the drop down arrow and choose "Desktop". This will make the file easy to find and work with.

Click the "OK" button. These files are very small, so they should not take long to download. Once the download is completed, you can disconnect from the Internet.

3 Extract the file

On your desktop, you should now have an icon that looks like this:

self extract file icon

This is the file you downloaded.

Double-click on this icon to begin the extraction. You will see this window:


The "Unzip to folder" must say "C:\Windows\System". If it does not say this, type it into the text box, replacing the existing text.

The checkbox underneath should be checked. If it is not checked, click inside the check box to place a checkmark in it.

Click on the "Unzip" button to begin the extraction. This extraction process will put the downloaded file in the C:\Windows\System folder. When it is completed, a window will appear saying that one file was successfully unzipped.

Click the "OK" button on that window, then "Close" button.

Now the file has been updated. You can do what you wish with the file you downloaded, which is still on the desktop. Delete it, keep it or move it. Its up to you.


Your computer will now have the correct version of this DLL installed.

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