Change DNS number in Mac OS using MacTCP
Issue: Changing the Domain Name Server number to make it current. Document: 00009
Created: Dec 2, 98
Applies to: Mac OS using MacTCP Modified: Jun 10, 2002

The Domain Name Server takes addresses given in text format (ie: and looks up the corresponding numerical address, called an IP address (ie: Without the DNS specified, users are unable to "find" anythin g on the Internet.


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1 Change the DNS Number.

Click on the "Apple" menu in your top left hand corner.

Choose "Control Panels".

Then choose the "MacTCP" control panel.

This will open up a new window.

Click "FreePPP" once, then click the "More" button.

This will open up your MacTCP properties window.

In the IP Address section (bottom, right corner), enter the new DNS number, pressing the decimal or period key where shown:

Click the option button to the right of the new DNS number to make it the default.

Click the "OK" button to close this window.

Close the "MacTCP" control panel.


The new DNS number will now be in effect.

More Information If you reinstall FreePPP from your old disks, you will need to make this change again. You may wish to print this page out and keep it with your disks for reference purposes.

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