Replacing script with PAP

Issue: We now do not require PPP connections to use a script. Document: 00003
Created: Jun 26, 98
Applies to: Macintosh using FreePPP. Modified: Jun 26, 98

Glinx always allowed different types of connections, PPP, SLIP etc.. Our servers now will not only do scripts to allow different connections but allow what is called PAP which automatically connects with PPP.

If you have "Innovative On-line" software now is a good time to get Glinx's new software:




Change your connection method.

From your "FreePPP" menu choose "Open FreePPP Setup...".

The "FreePPP Setup" window will open.

If the three tabs are not visible, click the blue expand triangle.

Click the "Accounts" tab.

A list of dial-up accounts will be displayed in the bottom half of the window.

Double-click the connection you want to change.

The "Account Settings" dialog box will open.

Change the "Connect:" pick-list to "Directly".

Ensure you username and password are correct.

Click the "OK" button.

Quit or Close the "FreePPP Setup" window.


Use FreePPP as usual.

Now, when you use FreePPP it will not use a script to log you in, you may not even notice the difference.

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