Replacing script with PAP

Issue: We now do not require PPP connections to use a script. Document: 00001
Created: Jun 23, 98
Applies to: Windows 3.1 using Trumpet Winsock Modified: Jun 23, 98

Glinx always allowed different types of connections, PPP, SLIP etc.. Our servers now will not only do scripts to allow different connections but allow what is called PAP which automatically connects with PPP




Download and install the new scripts.

Download this file, "gw31u22.exe" (20.2k)

We recommend you save it in the "c:\glinx" directory. Otherwise write down the path so you can find it later.

In your "Program Manager", from the "File" menu select "Run...".

The "Run" dialog box will open.

In the "Command Line" text box type c:\glinx\gw31u22.exe .

The "WinZip Self Extractor" window will open.

If you have "Innovative On-line" or "Busicomp" software still, correct the default path to where your winsock directory is.

Click the "Unzip" button.

The WinZip Self Extractor will report 2 files unzipped.

Click the "OK" button.

You are now finished with "WinZip Self Extractor".

Click the "Close" button.


Enable PAP.

Open "Trumpet Winsock - Dialer".

If your program is set to dial automatically. Stop Trumpet Winsock from dialing.

From the "File" menu select "PPP Options".

The "PPP Authentication Options" dialog box will open.

Click the "Use Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)" check box so there is an x in it.

Type in your username and password in the appropriate text boxes.

Click the "OK" button.


Use Trumpet Winsock as usual.

Now, when you use Trumpet Winsock the new scripts will be in place and you will use PAP instead of the script.

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