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Created: Jun 23, 98
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This page will mostly describe this what you will find on Glinx support pages.

Sections of the document will be listed immediately following the description. These sections may be included






More Information


Symptoms of a problem are either noticed by "error messages" the computer telling you there is a problem or by "observations", you think something could be wrong because the program is not working the way you think it should. All identified symptoms will be grouped by type of symptom. listed here in an example.


Error Messages

  • "Error 404, Page not found"


All off the symptoms may point to a specific problem or a few possible problems. These problems will be listed from easiest to hardest to fix. Problems generally fall into one of five categories: User, Setting, Application, Connection and Server. The problem will be explained then instructions listed if it can be resolved. There may be a procedure to follow to resolve the issue which would be represented by a link.


You may have misspelled the site you are trying to get to.

Retype the URL.


The server you are trying to get the web page from is telling you it can't find that page. The owner of the page could have deleted it. This may happen if you went to this page via an old bookmark or a link on an unmaintained site. There is nothing can be done.


Sometimes the problem will require a procedure to resolve the issue.

  • The steps will be numbered in the right margin,with the Title immediately left .
  • Thing you need to do will be in bold text.
  • Names of things displayed on you screen like program, menu, button and text box names will be in double quotes,".
  • Explanations will be in plain text.
  • Things you need to type in will be in type text.
  • Defined words will be hyperlinked italic text.

The following example is silly but you'll understand.


Look at your toes.

Remove your shoes and socks.

You may have to untie your shoes. This may not be necessary if you are wearing sandals.

Wiggle your toes.

You will see them move up and down.

Put your socks and shoes back on.



We try not to let procedures change the way you do things on your computer. But if it does require you to do things differently it will say so here. Again The silly example continues.

Use your feet as usual.

Removing your shoes and wiggling your toes will not change the way your feet work.


More Information

We will tell you where to find more information.

We may suggest help files, web sites or calling us or someone else to find out more.

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